Chladič  J-1000 výkon 1kWChiller J-1000 - source of cold water, air cooled

Chiller J-1000 is compact chiller for indoor (laboratory) environment. It contains cooling circuit with corresponding protections, one scroll compressor, air cooled condenser with fan, regulation, water tank with evaporator, pump with bypass, electric switchboard, digital thermal controller, temperature showing.



Cooling capacity: 1000 W at water temperature 7 °C
Voltage: 1+N+PE / 230 V / 50Hz
Current: 12,0 A
Input power: 1,3 kW
Starting current: 41 A
Refrigerant: R 134a
Refrigerant volume: 0.3 kg
Air flow: 600 m3/h
Tank volume: 40 l


Flow of used pumps: Cooling capacity: