Konvektor JVK-4 výkon 4kWConvector JVK-4

The convector is compact, designed for indoor environment. In winter, with warm water, the room can be heated, in summer with cool water can be cooled the room. Air flow through the fin exchanger is provided by an electric fan. Assembly design: galvanized bracket and polyurethane paint, galvanized sheets and powder paint. The exchanger is made from copper tubes with aluminum lamellas.



Air flow 1,500 m3/h
Water flow 1,200 l/h
Tlaková strata vody 45 kPa
Maximálny príkon 65 W
Voltage 1+N+PE 230V50Hz/TN-S


Cooling capacity:
Heating capacity:

Convector JVK-4:
Konvektor JVK-4 výkon 4kW