Chladič J-1000 výkon 1000 W

Chiller JS-15 - flow chiller, air cooled

Chiller JS-15 is a compact chiller for indoor use. It contains a cooling circuit with appropriate protections, one semi-hermetic compressor, air-cooled condenser with fans, regulation, plate or boiler evaporator, pump, electrical switchboard, digital controller with outlet water temperature indicator, fault indication. The chiller heats the ambient air, in lower spaces it is necessary to vent the heated air through the discharge air duct. In the winter months, the chiller can be heats space. If the room is air-conditioned at the working place of the chiller, we recommend sucking the air from the outside through the intake air duct during the summer months.



Volatage: 3+N+PE~50Hz 400/230V TN-S
Current: 16.9 A
Input power: 6.1 kW
Starting current: 74 A
Refrigerant: R 407C
Refrigerant volume: 5.0 kg
Air flow: 9,000 m3 / h


Cooling capacity: